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General questions for official website ticket purchase Q&A
Q1:Can I buy tickets on site?
A1:Shoushan Zoo(壽山動物園)available for on-site purchase.
Q2:How to make reservations and purchase tickets?
A2:Please click Register first, fill in the basic information to complete the registration, and then log in to make the reservation and purchase tickets.
Q3:What channels are there for tickets booking?
A3:In addition to the official website of Shoushan Zoo(壽山動物園), you can go to any 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan through the their i-bon machines, kkday and klook also can purchase tickets.
A4:壽山動物園票種請參考 "壽山動物園票種說明"
Q4:What types of tickets are available at Shoushan Zoo(壽山動物園)?
A4:Please refer to "Instructions for Ticket Types of Shoushan Zoo".
Q5:When can I make reservations to buy tickets before entering the park?
A5:The reservation date is from today (inclusive) to the next 2 weeks. It is divided into morning session and afternoon session every day. If the reservation session is fully booked, please choose another date. You cannot enter the park on non-reservation days.
Q6:How to apply for a refund?
A6:Tickets can be refunded at the official website on the day of admission at the latest (for other ticket purchase channels, please go to the original ticket purchase channel for refunds). If the refund date is later (later) than the admission date, the ticket will be deemed invalid and cannot be refunded.
A7:符合免費票之民眾,請持相關證件,於入園當日至人工閘門驗證入園,免費票適用條件請參閱 "壽山動物園票種說明"
Q7:How to enter the park with free tickets?
A7:People who are qualified for free tickets, please present the relevant certificates and go to the artificial gate for verification on the day of admission. For the applicable conditions of free tickets, please refer to "Shoushan Zoo Ticket Types Instructions".
Q8:Can the ticket be exchanged if the ticket is lost or damaged?
A8:After picking up the ticket, please keep your ticket properly. If it is lost, stolen, damaged or unrecognizable, it will not be reissued and you must make a new reservation to purchase the ticket.
Q9:How to pick up the tickets after buying tickets online?
A9:After completing the ticket purchase, please go to the "automatic ticket vending machine" at the gate of the zoo to pick up the ticket on the day of admission. You can pick up the ticket by scanning the ID card barcode in a non-contact way, or enter the ID card and mobile phone number to pick up the ticket.
Q10:What payment methods are available for online ticket purchases?
A10:You can pay by credit card (United(聯合), VISA, Master, JCB) when purchasing tickets on the official website of the zoo. Only Taiwan-issued credit cards are accepted.
Q11:Can I just make an appointment without buying a ticket?
A11:In order to make it fairer for all people and reduce the situation of no-shows, ticket payment must be made after online booking. After selecting the entry date, please purchase and pay for the ticket. If the payment for the ticket is not completed, the reservation qualification is only reserved until 24:00 midnight of the day, and the reservation record will be canceled the next day, and please make a new reservation.
Q12:How to buy group tickets?
A12:You need to go to the ticket official website two weeks before entering the park to make an appointment and apply by E-mail; on the day of the reservation, go to the counter of the manual ticket booth to pay and pick up the ticket to enter the park.
Q13:I have an “adoption card of Shoushan Zoo”(壽山動物園認養卡), how do I make the reservation to buy tickets?
A13:As long as you hold the adoption card of Shoushan Zoo and it is within the validity period, you can enjoy free reservation. Please bring your ID card and adoption card to the gate for verification and admission.
Q14:How many tickets can be purchased each time on the official website?
A14:A maximum of 6 tickets can be purchased on the official website, excluding accompanying free tickets (65-year-old seniors and eligible free children); if the number exceeds the number, please use another person to make an appointment to purchase tickets.
Q15:If the accompanying personnel are eligible for free tickets, how to purchase tickets?
A15:If the accompanying persons are over 65 years old or children who qualify for free tickets, they can click on the number of free tickets when purchasing tickets online, and pick up tickets at the "automatic ticket vending machine" at the gate of the zoo on the day of admission.